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Site & Safety

Safety First - At PNP Amusements we have some of the largest inflatables in the industry in fact both of our giant slides, The Dragon and The Dragster,  we had specially made wider for stability and safety. Technically it would increase the capacity as well but by keeping the numbers conservative we preserve maximum safety. The children have more room to move and not being over crowded they have more fun.

The Tarzan Trek while technical may have the structure to support 25 at a time it would be very overcrowded with a higher risk of collision and little room to have fun. For these reasons we only recommend a maximum of 15 at a time.

On the Mechanical Rides if we have a number of larger people we would have less on that ride allowing  for participants to be seated and restrained properly in comfort.

The capacities listed with each ride are realistic rather than based of manufacturers optimisations.

On Inflatable Castles we have size restrictions. Adult size patrons are not permitted, with size comes greater capacity for injury where patrons propel themselves. It is not the inflatable that injures them but themselves. Also we separate the younger and older kids into separate groups.

Rough play and bad behaviour is not tolerated on any of the rides.

When comparing rides from other sources be careful that you are comparing apples with apples. Inflatables and other rides are often described as small, medium, large or giant but this does not give you the actual size.

Get the Dimensions, be careful that you have them correctly as the information supplied might include the space for blowers, pegs, landing mats and fencing. The answer to..  How big is it?...  could be 11m x 8m (88sq m) when the actual size of the inflatable is only 6m x 6m (36sq m). It is not uncommon for enquirers to be mis-led by this.


The footprints supplied on this site give the size of the actual inflatable so.....

When designing a site plan certain space considerations need to be taken into account with the amusement rides. With inflatables the dimensions stated are to the extremities of the inflatable, three additional space requirements are:

1)         1 metre all around for pegging
2)         2 metres at the blower locations
3)         3 meters at the entry point(s) for landing mats and safety fences

With mechanicals rides the dimensions incorporate the safety fences.

All rides need additional space for public access and queuing.

A major consideration is to place the rides not to far apart if power is required. This also allows ticketing to locate convenient to all the rides. Allow sufficient space behind these rides for a generator truck so that leads are not over extended. The space behind the rides should be away from public access leaving power leads undisturbed and safe. All rides need to be clear of overhead power lines and other obstacles such as tree branches.

For your convenience we have included Foot Prints of all rides to assist you in your Site Plan.

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