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Select a number of rides to suit the nature and size of your event. We give you a fixed price for the hire and a discount may apply when booking three or more rides. When we have agreed on a final package price that is all you pay. We ask for a deposit and send you a Confirmation Invoice. On the day at the completion of the event you pay us the balance of the agreed hire fee. All additional proceeds from the rides are yours to keep.

In most cases the rides are a major attraction at your event and are a draw card.

Calculate your budget. For school fetes a simple calculation based on 80% of the pupils multiplied by the unlimited ride pass price would give you a fair idea of a budget price. For example a school of 300 kids with the unlimited ride pass set at $25 suggests a budget for the rides could be set at $6,000.

Whether on hire or commission pre-selling unlimited ride passes is a great way to help ensure your day is a success. Each pass is a commitment to attend for the duration of the event. With parents and siblings joining in you can imagine the increased demand on all your other attractions and stalls not to mention the food.

At some type of events the rides do not need to make a profit within them but assist in the success of the overall event. In this case the budget could be set higher. For Christmas parties, picnic days and corporate events we can offer our best packages if we know your budget along with other information like number of participants and age groups,

PNP Amusements has a fixed price for any one ride but when three or more rides are booked as with the case of most festivals and fetes a discounted package is offered. Discounts are greatly affected by ride combinations. Three rides requiring three operators and one vehicle would have a far better package price than three rides requiring six operators and three vehicles.

Discuss your requirements with PNP Amusements to get your best package.

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