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Commission is offered for School Fetes and Major Events

Book a selection of rides to suit the nature and size of your event

AT NO RISK  -  YOU PAY NOTHING (except a booking fee which is fully refunded)

Whether on hire or commission pre-selling unlimited ride passes is a great way to help ensure your day is a success. Each pass is a committment to attend for the duration of the event. With parents and siblings joining in you can immagine the increased demand on all your other attractions and stalls not to mention the food.

At PNP Amusements we do not have a minimum set price on our agreed package when on commission. That is we do not turn around at the end of the day and say we did not make enough.. you have to pay us the difference. We give you the percentage agreed on regardless of the gross. For a non-commission package see our Minimum Fee/Donation option.

FULL TRANSPARENCY with the money trail is essential. PNP asks that you collect all funds prior to and on the day. We supply at no charge numbered tickets and wristbands and at the end of the day we tally the numbers and you retain your commissioned share plus the deposit paid. PNP Amusements is then paid the balance remaining. For Example:

The funds from a typical fete may be as follows.. (using simple rounded figures)

$3000   From 150 unlimited ride passes pre-sold for $20 at the school
$2500   From 100 unlimited ride passes sold on the day at $25
$2500   From 625 single ride tickets sold on the day at $4


$8000   Total gross takings on rides


$1600   20% commission retained by the school
$  500   Booking deposit paid by the school fully refunded from gross


$5900   To be paid to PNP Amusements.

With commission we have to mutually agree on ride content and pricing. This is most often based on the size of the school (in the case of school fetes), expected attendance, and previous history of the event. It is obviously not possible to provide 10 rides for 150 children at $10 per head and still make a profit.

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